Why I’m Running

I’m running for Gas and Light Commissioner because:

1. I work in the energy industry and am passionate about energy.

I have over a decade of experience as an energy consultant for public sector clients, including state and local governments and consumer advocates. I feel that Wakefield’s Municipal Gas and Light Board will benefit from my utility regulatory and technical expertise.

2. I care about the decisions we make in Wakefield.

As a mother of two school-aged children, I have participated in numerous boards and committees in Wakefield to ensure we make decisions that improve our lives today and in the future. I have worked in Wakefield as: an appointed member of our Energy Conservation Committee, a board member for the Wakefield Climate Action Project, a liaison to a Massachusetts Climate Action Network’s municipal utility working group, and a member of Sustainable Wakefield. I am excited to serve Wakefield again.

3. I see opportunities for improvement.

Above all, I’m an electric and natural gas customer. I want low rates, a more efficient home, and the option to generate my own energy if I choose. I recently purchased an electric vehicle through the Wakefield Municipal Gas and Light Department’s electric vehicle incentive program. I’ve installed energy saving technologies in my home including a smart thermostat and LED lighting. And, I’m investigating installing solar panels on my roof. I see an opportunity to better promote these technologies with our customers.

Also, evolving policy, technology, and consumer behavior are changing the utility business model. Wakefield deserves a Commissioner with knowledge and expertise to effectively navigate this changing landscape. I see opportunities to better incorporate energy efficiency and renewable energy into the town’s long-term energy planning and to promote in-town renewable energy.