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Energy Nerd Show – September 23, 2021: Understanding Energy Resilience in 2021

In this episode, I talk about what resilience means and the challenges and opportunities facing communities and electric utilities seeking to coordinate energy-related resilience efforts. This discussion stems from a series of five reports I co-authored on resilience available here: You can view the episode here:

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 at 4pm: Wakefield Moms Facebook Live Event

Hi Wakefield Parents and Caregivers. My name is Jennifer Kallay and I am running for reelection as Gas and Light Commissioner. I am an energy professional, elected public official, engaged community member, and mother of two children – one at Galvin Middle School and one at Woodville Elementary School. I was elected to my first three-year term on the board of Wakefield’s municipal electric and natural gas utility in 2018. I want to continue to bring my knowledge and expertise to energy decision-making for the Town of Wakefield over the next three years. My areas of focus are cost, customers, and environment.

Recognizing we are in difficult economic times and with hope of beginning economic recovery this spring, I focus this discussion on cost. Please click on this link (or go to to view the event. I provide an overview of new programs and incentives for residents, businesses, and the Town to reduce energy bills. You can find more information on the programs I discuss on WMGLD’s website at the following links:

I also discuss the strategies used by WMGLD to provide low rates today, tomorrow, through 2050, and beyond. Lastly, WGMLD is hosting a customer information seminar on electric heat pumps on Thursday, May 13th at 7pm via Zoom. Please email me if you are interested in joining the seminar.

Find out more about me, my priorities, and my achievements at my website You can also contact me with questions or thoughts at And, please remember to vote for my position and all others on Tuesday, April 27th. Thank you.

Energy Nerd Show – January 28, 2021: How To Make Local Solar Projects Happen

I recently appeared on the Energy Nerd Show to talk about the process and timeline for Wakefield’s first municipal solar project on our Water Department Building. Please see the episode here:

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