Increases in Carbon-Free Electricity

Currently, 47% of Wakefield’s electricity supply is considered carbon-free. In anticipation of legislation requiring increases in our carbon-free electricity supply to 50% by 2030, 75% by 2040, and 100% by 2050, WMGLD is: (1) expanding wind, at its existing wind farm in the Berkshires (2) increasing rooftop solar, on homes, businesses, and municipal buildings inContinue reading “Increases in Carbon-Free Electricity”

Solar for Homes and Businesses

From May 2019 to December 2020, WMGLD leveraged state grant funding to provide new incentives for Residential and Small Commercial rooftop solar. To date, 55 homes and 2 businesses have solar. As the program comes to a close, WMGLD is investigating options to continue to support solar in 2021, including a community solar program availableContinue reading “Solar for Homes and Businesses”

Energy Efficiency Incentives for Homes and Businesses

Energy efficiency incentives for weatherization, heating and water systems, lighting, and appliances can improve comfort and safety and lower your energy bills. In 2020, WMGLD updated its Residential energy efficiency incentives and launched Commercial incentives. Important changes include: (1) new incentives for heating systems (including electric heat pumps), electric vehicle chargers, smart thermostats, and SenseContinue reading “Energy Efficiency Incentives for Homes and Businesses”

Solar for Municipal Buildings

Wakefield’s first municipal building solar project was completed on the Broadway Street DPW Water Department Garage in May 2020. The 20 kW installation includes 60 panels, divided evenly between both sides of the roof. The building was selected as it: (1) qualified for incentives through the current solar program offered by WMGLD, (2) had excellentContinue reading “Solar for Municipal Buildings”